Custom Nail Veil For Fierce Fingers By Heather

August 1, 2013

Heather McDaniel-Adair of Fierce Fingers by Heather, worked with us to create a silver bridal veil that we set with real diamonds.

Custom Bridal Veil for Fierce Fingers by Heather

Nails Magazine

Life & Style Weekly, July 2013

July 8, 2013

We made the Beauty Buzz section of the July 8th issue of Life & Style Weekly!

Beauty Buzz section of Life & Style Weekly

Nail Veils Featured In The Bible Of Nail Art

June 1, 2013

Once again, celebrity nail artist Leah Light wows us with her use of Nail Veils in this Nail Art book written by UK nail art phenom Helena Biggs!

Leah Light's work with Nail Veils featured in Nail Art book by Helena Biggs

Nail Veils Featured On Steve Harvey Show

May 23, 2013 via YouTube

Olivia from Jerseylicious reviews Nail Veils on the Steve Harvey television show.

Nails Magazine

Katy Perry Wears Nail Veils

May 3, 2013 via Nail Veils, Daily Mail and Twitpic

Entertainment superstar and fashion icon Katy Perry wears Nail Veils nail jewelry for the launch of her new fragance, Killer Queen. Read more

Nails Magazine

Nails Magazine, April 2013

April 16, 2013 in the article Chronicle Stones Nail Veils

Su Laing has given a whole new meaning to "treat your nails as jewels, not tools." Read more

Rita Ora Wears Nail Veils

March 25, 2013 via Four

Many thanks to celebrity nail artist, Leah Light for providing our pinkie veils with gems to Rita Ora for this interview!

Rita Ora Wears Nail Veils

Leah Light's Favorite Nail Products

November 16, 2012 via YouTube

Nail Veils was featured on Leah Light's favorite nail products video.

Orlando Home & Leisure Magazine

Orlando Home & Leisure, October 2012

October 10, 2012 in the article Local Color

Nail Veils was featured as a beauty 'must have' by Orlando Home & Leisure magazine. Read more

Leah Light - Celebrity Nail Stylist

Leah Light, Celebrity Nail Stylist

September 5, 2012 via Facebook & Instagram

For those of you who asked these are the nails I was wearing to NZ Fashion Week. The Colour is neon pink (owned) with glitter (halo) and two incredibly hot Nail Veils by Chronicle Stones!! Artistic Nail Design #neon #nzfw #nails #nailart #nailswag #nailsbyleah #glitter #hot #3dnailart

Pics by Leah: