Once again on the cutting edge of nail technology, Orlando brings you the next major release in the nail industry, courtesy of creative genius and celebrated jewelry artist Su Laing of Chronicle Stones renown.

Nail Veils by Su Laing are handcrafted, reusable nail jewelry made from delicate semi-precious bronze that can be formed to fit any unique nail bed. Made in the United States and available by standard order in four styles of white or yellow bronze, one style containing a genuine Swarovski crystal, the Nail Veils inaugural Majestic line can also be custom ordered with gold or silver plating. Four styles are available within the Majestic line. To have custom designs crafted, contact Su directly.

Nail Veils are incredibly versatile and are combinable with a variety of techniques:

These are a precious commodity as only 2,500 of each handmade Majestic style will be distributed worldwide, with limited availability of future lines as well.